Serene Dominic presents… Manalone (El Torero Del Amor)

Unfriend MeBullfighting’s loss was music’s gain when the singularly named Manalone failed to become head Toreador at the Bullfighting Academy of Majorca on account of being “too good-hearted.” This same affliction made him a perfect vessel for lovelorn ballads in which the girl is never gotten and much lonely bull is dispensed. Amazingly, with “Unfriend Me”, a 1994 slice of pure power pop, Manalone not only anticipated a futuristic world where people could reject one another through their computers, he also came up with new terminology like “unfriend me” and “happy face emoticoms” which, true to form, he receives neither acclaim nor compensation for. Surely a case where being a lover and not a fighter has cost a man severely.

On The Serene Dominic  24/7 Club’s inaugural BONUS B-SIDE of DUBIOUS DISTINCTION, Manalone doesn’t shy away from proving that he is indeed un  joven emocional, one who tears up at the christening of babies and any movie where a boy and his beloved toy are separated, including Saw IV. On the lurching  “Yeah But I’m Emotional”, he aligns himself with history’s biggest crybaby, the Hindenburg disaster announcer Herbert Morrison, but he draws the line at admiring public water works like current Speaker of the House John Boehner.  Says Manalone, “That guy gives sensitive hombrés a bad name.”

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