Serene Dominic presents… Russ Walton!

When Indian composer Rahala Shimuyanti scored the unsettling music that would eventually become the foundation for “Please Stand By”, he thought he was receiving bad karma for not thanking Vishnu when accepting his Grammy. He set the troublesome recording aside, yet Bollydor A&R rep Sal DeMory, who overheard the hostile session which left at least two musicians hospitalized for unspecified injuries, he grew insistent that Shimuyanti include it on his next album. Recalls DeMory, “I hounded Rahala for weeks asking about that demonic triad song that made me want to punch somebody. He finally just handed me the spool of tape and said he wanted nothing more to do with it. I think it was about three weeks before that scaffolding fell on him and he lost all sensation on his right side.”

DeMory however, was undeterred. He would play the song for delivery men, secretaries, anyone who’d listen and could take a punch.

Eventually, the song reached the ears and throat of voiceover talent Russ Walton ( who immediately seized on the music’s tension as the perfect track on which to overlay his soothing baritone. “I wanted to recreate the uneasy childhood feeling of watching TV when the station would experience technical difficulties,” says Walton. “Usually they’d start off with happy music, but as the glitches grew longer, the music tended to get creepier and it looked like you might never see The Flintstones again. If I can make a someone’s day a little upsetting and then give them a little boost, well, I’m doing my profession proud.”

On this split virtual cyber single’s BONUS B-SIDE OF DUBIOUS DISTINCTION Russ Walton introduces you to The Human Torch, a man who sings and burns just for you and who did performed both of those duties at Russ and Julia Walton’s wedding reception on June 11, 2006. There he performed this very medley of Burt Bacharach hits (“Song By Song”) outdoors in the pouring rain under a tent with his mike cord running through a puddle as lightning crashed overhead. Is there no end to what bodily risks the Human Torch will endure for your listening pleasure? No. No there isn’t.

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