“Be a pop music snob!”

…says award winning writer, author, musician and rock and roll sneerster Serene Dominic.

How many times has this happened to you—you’re at a party, the subject turns to music and you blurt out bland opinions like “There’ll never be another band like the Beatles” or “Thank goodness the Eagles patched up their differences so they’re back to doing what they do best.”  Chances are people stopped listening to your opinion right after you said “Well, if you ask me…” But that’s another story.

It’s for people like you who aspire to beige that we, in conjunction with Bendi Records, have created  The Serene Dominic 24/7 Club. As a public service to tastemakers everywhere, Mr. Dominic, noted rock historian and musician in his own right, is eager to share his encyclopedic pop knowledge about obscure musical acts no one has ever heard of so that YOU, cherished subscriber, can better your station in life.

Each week for 24 weeks, The Serene Dominic 24/7 Club will send subscribers free of charge:

• A free downloadable track from the as-yet-unreleased Serene Dominic Presents 24 Originals Happening Now CD
• A bonus b-side of dubious distinction and debatable value
• A pre-worn cyber picture sleeve viewable in iTunes
• A detailed artist bio on these great and unjustly obscure recording artists written by award winning rock snob Serene Dominic
Links to music videos by said unjustly obscure recording artists

Watch the respect for your musical acumen accrue when you champion criminally ignored performers like The Lazyfaires, Thumpkins Whereabouts, The Makeup Sects and Roscoe DesMoines that most rock historians have never bothered to name-check. Instead of admitting the last album you bought was The Very Best of Steve Miller, you could be making a case for the merits of Stephen Oddysey, Brooklyn Beard and Manalone. And winning that argument, we might add, thus, insuring your rock snobbery title is still in good standing.

Subscribe NOW! Because you kids refuse to buy music, we refuse to sell it!

Bendi Records / The Serene Dominic 24/7 Club

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