Serene Dominic presents… Bed Intruderz!

A bunch of white guys playing reggae? They laughed in 1978 when The Police did it and they laughed even harder in 1994 when Sublime did it. They laughed hardest in 2011 when Bed Intruderz, three guys outta Alleghany County, Virginia, attempted to jumpstart yet another white boy reggae revival, this time changing the words to a 17 year-old independently released single (“W.B.M.”)  in an attempt to tie it in with an upcoming Mila Kunis movie. It’s still too early to know what the “initial” impact of “FWB” is, but one thing is for certain, the band’s  “Friends let friends with benefits”  bumper sticker is selling like hotcakes. Lead singer Livingston Humphries took a philosophical view of the critical jibes leveled at Bed Intruderz for being derivative, unoriginal and more desperate for a choreography intervention than any rock band since  Freddie and the Dreamers. “Well,” he said, “At least we’re not singing about chiba 24/7.  Screwing chicks? That’s way different.”


Download “F.W.B. – Friends With Benefits”/”Use To Use The Book” here!

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