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At last on itunes and emusic…

Monday, April 7th, 2008

Two of last year’s greatest releases, Joaquin Esquivel‘s “What We Know Of Heaven” and Green’s Restaurant‘s “Ekofisfält“, are now available from itunes and emusic.

Bendi Podcast #9

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

Bendi Podcast #9 (24 minutes/22,6 MB).


  1. Joaquin Esquivel – All Said and Done (What We Know of Heaven BEN-CD-016)
  2. Datahysteri – Morrowlight High (27 Visions of the Door – forthcoming)
  3. Sir Pie – Waves of Wind (We Attended Different Schools – forthcoming)
  4. Solicium – Boxes (A Box Full of Boxes – forthcoming)
  5. Green’s Restaurant – Movement II (Ekofiskfaltt BEN-CD-015)
  6. Skyline – Why? (Higher Reaches BEN-CD-013)

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Bendi Podcast #8

Friday, December 14th, 2007

Bendi Podcast #8 (30 minutes/29,6 MB).


  1. Helen McCookerybook – The Devil’s Christmas Stocking (Christmas Assortment BEN-EP-005)
  2. Joaquin Esquivel – The Wildest Of Beats (What We Know Of Heaven BEN-CD-016)
  3. Sir Pie – Rocky Road (We Attended Different Schools – forthcoming)
  4. Albin Wesley – Hail The Elfs (unreleased)
  5. Helen McCookerybook – Christmas Queen (Christmas Assortment BEN-EP-005)
  6. Green’s Restaurant – Movement VI (Ekofiskfalt BEN-CD-015)
  7. Moddlar-redaktionen – Moddlarjul (A Bendi Christmas E.P. – BEN-XMAS-001)
  8. ViVetVarDuBor – Hej kom och hjalp mig (unreleased)
  9. Helen McCookerybook – Can You See Me? (Christmas Assortment BEN-EP-005)
  10. Bendi All-Stars – Ancient Times (instrumental demo) (unreleased)

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Green’s Restaurant available on CD at last

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

EkofiskfältSwedish experimental tape classic from 1987, “Ekofiskfält” by Green’s Restaurant, is at last available on CD for the very first time. The CD comes with lots of bonus material and liner notes by Petter Herbertsson (Testbild!).

For more information and links to CD- and downloadstore; click here!

Bendi Podcast #7

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Bendi Podcast #7 (27 minutes/26,7 MB).


  1. Datahysteri – Glasshypnosis (27 Visions Of The Door – forthcoming)
  2. Green’s Restaurant – Ekofiskfalt (Ekofiskfalt – release date November 16)
  3. Spencer Hill – At The Stomp-A-Go-Go Club (The Luckiest Citizen Of All Plus – BEN-CD-007)
  4. Monty The Moron – Plastic Monsters (18 Symptoms Of Musical Insanity – BEN-CD-003)
  5. Datahysteri – Glimpses Of The Hall (27 Visions Of The Door – forthcoming)
  6. Green’s Restaurant – Peters Vinare (Ekofiskfalt – release date November 16)
  7. Spencer Hill – Hey Babe! You’re On A Subliminal Trip To Nowhere The Luckiest Citizen Of All Plus – BEN-CD-007)
  8. Sjtjekn – A Secret Language That No One Understands (Noon Universe – BEN-CD-005)

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Swedish experimental music coming up

Monday, September 10th, 2007

Green's RestaurantYou’ve already seen the sleeve to Green’s Restaurant “Ekofiskfält” on the website for a while. This wonderful nugget was originally released 20 years ago as a tape, and for each year we celebrate with an extra bonus track. The CD comes with liner notes by Testbild!‘s Petter Herbertsson (a.k.a Sjtjekn). Scheduled for release in october or november, but you don’t need to wait that long to hear a first sample: just tune in our next podcast.

DatahysteriLater this winter it’s time for another Swedish experimental classic; Datahysteri‘s “27 Visions Of The Door”. This duo from Sigtuna made several great tapes in the late 80’s and “27 Doors” was one of the best. Of course with several bonus tracks.