Serene Dominic and The Semi Detached – Adult Contemptuous

BEN-CD-004_hiBEN-CD-004  – April 10, 2006
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1. KTWC / 2. The Uncontrollable Woman / 3. Solar System / 4. Autumn Teen Sound / 5. Qualified To Love / 6. Valley Idiot / 7. Kissing Booth / 8. Adults In Love/Love Me Down / 9. (I Can’t Take) More Tough Love / 10. Act Like You’re My Baby / 11. Beauty Sleep / 12. Love & Fury / 13. The Woe Finish

Recorded in 1997 and 1998, but sadly fell through the cracks when the Worrybird label began having financial woes and Serene went through some personal upheavals, all of which seem predicted by the songs he was sitting on. Serene was struggling with being an adult and letting go of the childish behavior that goes hand in hand with rock and roll, and this record captures that.

Now, Adult Contemptuous is finally being made availalble in its original format and sequence and original artwork. Enjoy this tour de force and remember, Serene is still out there risking bodily harm and personal shame for your listening pleasure!