Serene Dominic & The Semi Detached – Heathens Of Vaudeville (11th Anniversary Edition)

BEN-CD-009_hiBEN-CD-009 – June 1, 2007

1. I’d Gladly Marry You, Aggie (previously unreleased) / 2. You Don’t Know Anything (Until You’ve Lost Everything) / 3. Master of My Only Emotion / 4. Who are You Now, Victoria? / 5. I Wouldn’t Hurt a Fly / 6. Ominous / 7. Wisdom Only Comes With Time (previously unreleased) / 8. The I Don’t Care Girl / 9. Everything Grandmother Loves / 10. Delores in Her Butterfly Costume / 11. Unreal Man / 12. Advice to the Lovelorn 1897
13. Faithless (previously unreleased) / 14. Who Are You Now, Victoria? (45 version) / 15. Master of My Only Emotion (45 version) / 16. Twice Nightly (45 version) / 17. I’d Gladly Marry You, Aggie (45 version)

All songs written by Serene Dominic ©1996 Box City Music except “You Don’t Know Anything” and “Advice to the Lovelorn 1897” written by Serene Dominic and Daniel Pearl ©1996 Poor Monica Music.

Original Heathens album sessions recorded & engineered by Pete “Love Machine” Walker, at Sympathetic Studios, Aug-Sept ’95. 14 & 15 recorded at Cornerstone Studios, Mesa, Nov ’94, engineered by John Aquilino. 16 & 17 recorded at Terry Garvin’s house, engineered by Robbie Watson. 7 and 13 remixed by Tarrin Klemme, 2007, special thanks to Jamison Weddle and Studio Cat Productions.16 mixed by Jamal Ruhe. Track 1 recorded at Blue Sky Studios, 1997.

Digital Remastering by Tony Robinson at Wahalla Music 2007

Sleeve design by Serene Dominic and Stefan Wesley with a little help from Magnus Häglund.

Banjo photos: Tim Archibald. Back tray photo: Bridget Ventura. All other pictures, sheet music, memorabilia and original 1996 sleeves by Serene Dominic.

The Semi-Detached: SERENE DOMINIC: Guitars, vocals, tambourine, car keys and leads on 1, 6, 12 &17. FRANK HANYAK: Drums. JIM SPEROS: Keyboards. CHARLES SEELEY: Bass and upright bass.

Guest musicians: Pete Walker: Slide guitar on 8, leads on 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 &10. Peter Gilstrap: Bass on 3, 9 &10. Frank Mackey: Banjo on 6. Sean David: Keyboards on 14 &15. Michael Nitro: Lead guitar on 14 &15.Dean Filip: Drums on 14 &15.

Liner notes:
Can it really be 11 years since “Heathens of Vaudeville” was released? Gosh, it really only seems like 10. In 1996, everyone seemed convinced that the end of the century and the end of days weren’t mutually exclusive. Turns out the world only ended for loser bands that grunge pushed off the radio. And later still, loser grunge bands. When we were recording this album, using the word “rock” in the vicinity of “roll” was verboten in indie circles but we went ahead and made a rock and roll record anyway, with some Hal Kemp thrown in. This expanded “Heathens” provides a lovely snapshot of the Semi-Detached as well as Huge Spaceship, my other side project which only ever played ten songs live, three of which are on here. For more details, lyrics and individual song minutia, visit and knock yourself out.

This version has seven more tracks than the original released on Worrybird on April 15, 1996, including two WorryBird singles and two outtakes that are now intakes. Thanks for buying those if you did and this one, too. And thanks for everybody who worked on this release and the Bendi brothers. All the best and whatever you do, don’t lay that Stetson on top of the bed!

Serene Dominic, April 2007