Helen McCookerybook – Christmas Assortment E.P.

BEN-EP-005_hiBEN-EP-005 – November 19, 2007

Tracks: 1. Christmas Queen* / 2. Rockabilly Christmastime** / 3. The Devil’s Christmas Stocking / 4. Can You See Me?

*The Choir: Mary Davey, Alison Ford, Gareth Giles, Nick Greenwood, Peter Knight, Emerald Moseley, Lester Square and Helen Ward
*Rhodes Piano: Gareth Giles
*Bells: Tom Greenwood
**Double Bass: Spencer Brown All guitars and lead vocals: Helen McCookerybook

Written and arranged by Helen McCookerybook
Produced by Tom Greenwood
Photo: Martin Stephenson
Sleeve design: Stefan Wesley

Here is an ebullient Helen McCookerybook, exuding the warmth and spirit and good cheer with which the Yuletide is usually equaled. Four new Christmas songs that yet haven’t stood the test of time, but you need no more than one listening before they stick like snow under an unwaxed ski. Four happy Christmas songs, happily sung to happily suggest that yours be a McCookerybook Christmas – anytime – all the time!