Sir Pie – We Attended Different Schools

BEN-CD-017_hiBEN-CD-017 – April, 2008

1. Run Mike Run
2. Rocky Road
3. Punishment With Capitals
4. When Cali Calls
5. Taste Of My Lime
6. Long In The Tooth
7. Nine Lives, Seven Sighs
8. E=Mc
9. Priscilla By The Pond
10. Waves Of Wind
11. Flight Plan
12. Rest Of My Life
13. Sara With No H
14. Simplified
15. Parijuana Marinoia
16. Mr. Dope America
17. Industry Standard

Originally released on Destroyed Public Records in 2001, but now available again with new artwork.
After spending a long time on the local hip hop scene with acts like Brothers Grimm and Cousins of the Wize, Sir Pie Gomez teamed up with producer Robbie Watson to make this splendid mix of rock, jazz and hip hop.