PNDC & Housework – The Punks On Diet E.P.

BEN-EP-010_hiBEN-EP-010 – August 1, 2008

1. The F*** You File
2. Punks On Diet
3. Come Up For Air
4. Churchill Martini
+ If You Guess

Written, performed and arranged by PNDC/Predrag Nedic.
Vocals, lyrics and additional guitars by Housework/Athanassous Vavaroutas.
Sleeve design by Stefan Wesley.

Quite different from the usual PNDC and Housework sound and style. The four Songs (plus a bonus track) on this E.P. show there’s no genre barriers for them. Strong, almost punk rock sound with edges from electronica, psychedelia and a take-no-prisoners attitude towards noise mixed in, is coupled with straight on or screamed distorted vocals, in an attempt to give the genre back some relevance after years of abuse by poppy copy cats of the golden years. The lyrics paint portraits of a number of nearly demented outsiders unable to cope with the modern world of politics, sex politics and ex-politics.