The Fabulous Artisans – From Red To Blue

BEN-CD-021_hiBEN-CD-021 – October 27, 2008
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1. …from Red to Blue
2. Like a Saviour
3. Sycamore Square
4. Wintertime
5. Don’t Cry Wolf
6. Return (Lord I Can’t)
7. Queen’s Park
8. Say Hello to the Summer
9. Self Proclaimed Genius
10. Anytime at All
11. The First Days of Spring
12. Outta Sight Outta Mind

All words and music by Jeremy Thoms except 6 & 7: words by Neil Crossan, 4, 5 & 11: music by Angus McPake/Jeremy Thoms
The Fabulous Artisans are:
Neil Crossan: lead vocals
Jeremy Thoms: all instruments and backing vocals
Angus McPake: keyboards on tracks 2, 4, 5 & 11; bass tracks 5 & 11
Lenny Helsing: guitar on track 2
Jeremy Black: drums on tracks 2 & 11
David Mack: drums on track 6
Horns Incorporated: brass on track 2

Produced and engineered by Jeremy Thoms with Bobby Henry: track 2 and Angus McPake: tracks 5 & 11

Recorded at Jeremy Thoms’ Home Studio, Edinburgh and St. Clair Studios, Glasgow.

Mastered by Andy Walker

Cover painting: “Anguish” by Colin Thoms, 1972, oil on canvas
Sleeve design by Stefan Wesley
Photography by Katy Mason

A series of reflections on life in all it’s hues…from red to blue. Twelve songs about love and loss; joy and regret; hope and failure; sex and god; identity and home; parenthood and childhood; death and morality; frustration and inspiration; age and optimism; memories and belief; fantasy and reality…