Biljardakademien – Uppehållsväder (Live 1984)

BEN-RE-003_hiBendi Recycled BEN-RE-003 – October 19, 2009

Tracks: 1. Introduktion / 2. Att skjuta ner moln / 3. Mille Marmelad i universum / 4. Galleriskogar / 5. Uppehållsväder / 6. Nyårsserenad / 7. Herr 44 dam 36 / 8. Shackleton mot Antarktis / 9. Mest innersta tankar / 10. På den bättre sidan av smärta / 11. Jazzdagar / 12. Fallbilder / 13. Upprymd / 14. Encore

All tracks written by Kjell Häglund except 10 and 11 by Niklas Söderberg/Kjell Häglund

Recorded on a tape deck with a stereo microphone by Stefan Wesley October 19, 1984

Ahh, the infamous “China gig”! The unofficial title comes from the educational film about Chinese surgery they had found somewhere, and for some strange reason decided to show on stage. You can hear the noise from the projector in the background, as I’m sitting right next to it with my tape deck and microphone.
The gig came to be their final live appearance with this line-up. Half the band had already threatened to leave a couple of times, and right before entering stage, Helen (who by the way had a bad cold) wanted to leave the band right away. No one knows what Kjell said to her when he made her stay, and some members didn’t even know anything about the whole incident until years later.
After this October night, they all got together once more for a recording session in January 1985. Right after that, Christer said he would now leave the group which made Niklas upset as he wanted to leave a couple of times before when Christer persuaded him to stay. And as Helen had more or less already quit, only Kjell, Rutger and Ulf remained.
The knowledge of the internal turbulence, that this was the last gig of a band on the wane, makes it even more interesting to listen to. And, of course, the great music is well worth hearing as well! (Stefan Wesley)