Datahysteri – Tio år i skogen

BEN-CD-030, April 27, 2015
1. Tio år i skogen [Ten Years In The Forest]
2. Tankeberöring [Mind Touch]
3. Glaskupebarn [Bell Jar Child]
4. Luftmålare [Air Painter]
5. Hjälp varandra [Help Each Other]
6. Ångestchimär [Imagined Anxiety]
7. Metodik [Methodology]
8. Den optiska sjön [The Optical Lake]
9. Katoden [The Cathode]
10. Dawning Sounds
11. Repetition is a Form of Intelligence / Moment Brisk
12. Jordskred [Landslide]
13. Neutronmascara [Neutron Mascara]
14. Katoden [The Cathode] (Swing Version)
bonus tracks:
15. Two Wild & Crazy Guys
16. Glimpses of the Hall (Retouched 2013)
17. Hypnotic Glass Mix-Up (2013)

All material composed, arranged, played, produced and recorded by Datahysteri

Jonas Broberg: Synth, string machine, organ, electric piano, all guitars, percussion, effects, tapes, drum machine & vocals. (Laptop on bonus tracks)
Martin Dunér: Synth, vocoder, organ, electric piano, grand piano, all bass guitars, percussion, effects, treatments, tapes & voices.

Lyrics on track 5 by Jon Pinje.
Backing vocals on track 12 by Datahysteri, Ted Sandstedt & Jan Croné.

Tracks 1-11 recorded in mono, using the mighty Revox, at SSHL in Sigtuna, January and February 1982.

Tracks 12-14 co-produced and recorded in stereo, using a Fostex 8-track, by Ted Sandstedt & Jan Croné at Studio Ord & Musik in Eksjö, July 1982.

Track 15 recorded in stereo, using a double Revox setup, at SSHL in Sigtuna, February 1983.

Tracks 16-17 are re-imaginings of glory past, produced in 2012-2013 by Datahysteri (Jonas playing, Martin demanding).

Tracks 1-15 digitalized and mastered by Martin 2010-2013.

Instruments & equipment used: Korg Vocoder VC-10, Korg MS-20, Sequential Circuits Pro-One, Fender Stratocaster, Aria Pro-II bass guitar, grand piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano, unidentified string machine, Philicorda organ, Korg Minipops 7 rhythm box, Yamaha steel string acoustic guitar, unidentified borrowed bass guitar & nylon string acoustic guitar, misc. percussion, tape loops & Roland Space Echo.

Front cover photo by Emil Sternegård.
Front cover picture facilitation & proof-reading by Camilla Dunér.
Band photos by Henrik Dunér.
Cover design & layout by Stefan Wesley.

Thanks and gratitude to Anders Rosén, Stefan Wesley & Bendi Records, Ted & Jan, families and friends!