Helen McCookerybook


Even if Helen is busy finishing her new album and writing songs with Martin Stephenson, she still had a little time to record a Christmas E.P. for Bendi Records.

But it all began when Helen bought a bass and joined the worst punk band in Brighton, Joby and the Hooligans in 1977 (but they had the best songs). She formed The Chefs who did a few Peel sessions and released a couple of singles. After a brief musical interlude with Lester Square (The Monochrome Set) she started Helen and the Horns who did more Peel sessions and recorded a couple of albums. After the Horns split up in the mid 80’s, she "fell asleep for twenty years, and woke up with a head full of songs and a heart full of energy to sing them with".

She then released the CD HELEN MCCOOKERYBOOK in 2005, a 24 track compilation covering her work with The Chefs, Skat and Helen and the Horns. Includes classic ‘24 Hours’ and indie hit ‘Freight Train’. Available from www.roughtrade.com.

And in 2006, she released SUBURBAN PASTORAL, 14 new delicate and achingly beautiful songs, featuring BJ Cole, Lester Square, the Horns and more. Think a mix of Astrud Gilberto, the seminal 80’s el records back catalogue or a bossa-folk soundtrack. Available from www.roughtrade.com.

Helen has also written the book THE LOST WOMEN OF ROCK about female instrumentalists in punk bands in the late 1970s/early 1980s, featuring interviews with the Slits, Gina Birch, the Mo-Dettes, Enid Williams (Girlschool), Dolly Mixture, Gaye Black (The Adverts), Vi Subversa (Poison Girls), Rhoda Dakar, Lucy O’Brien, Attila the Stockbroker, Caroline Coon, Geoff Travis and the late John Peel amongst others.

Helen McCookerybook discography on Bendi:

Helen McCookerybook
Christmas Assortment E.P.
Bendi BEN-EP-005 November 19, 2007