Oh la la!


(ex Källargubben)

It was at someone’s 40th birthday party that Pelle Seigerlund (Java, Urban Släke) together with Staffan Cederborg (Alizarin Krimson) decided to try and write some songs together.

Three years later they came up from their basement studio with a huge collection of songs. Working more as songwriters and producers than a regular band, the music was in a variety of styles. This opened for the idea to group the songs to a disco record, a Swedish record, a couple of rock records etc.

First out is “Oh la la! presents ConRita”. A soft, slightly latin influenced pop record with guest vocalist Rita Anttila as the common denominator.

Oh la la! discography on Bendi:

Oh la la!
Bendi BEN-CD-025 October 24, 2011
Oh la la!
Bendi BEN-EP-017 June 22, 2009
Oh la la!
Oh la la! presents UrbAnna
Bendi BEN-CD-010 June 5, 2007
Oh la la!
Americans E.P.
Bendi BEN-EP-003 November 14, 2006
Oh la la!
Pirates Unite E.P.
Bendi BEN-EP-001 October 1, 2006
Oh la la!
Oh la la! presents ConRita
Bendi BEN-CD-002 February 10, 2006