About Bendi Records

Bendi Records is a different kind of record label. The purpose is not to make money, hits, or a living, but to make music available. There are absolutely no money involved in this. No costs and no income. The CD’s are released “on demand” and the label doesn’t pay anything for the recordings. Bendi doesn’t advertise or promote in other ways. We just make the release available as a CD and downloads for those who might be interested. As we don’t have any costs, we don’t need to sell. If a CD sell only five copies, we can still afford to release another one, and another one.

There is a possibility that some day we’ll make a little money on this, and if we do 100% goes to the artists.

For more information, please read The Artists Guide To Bendi (PDF 404 kB) .

Contact: stefanwesley@me.com