Sjtjekn – Noon Universe

BEN-CD-005_hiBEN-CD-005 – April 10, 2006

1. A Secret Language That No One Understands / 2. The Dream of the Fox / 3. Moon, Cat, Bell Jar, Rocket / 4. A Message in a Bottle / 5. The Abandoned Submarine / 6. Stars in the Bottom of a Well / 7. Radio Signals

Sjtjekn is the sound of dripping rust coloured rain in a tin bucket, the buzzing radio waves under the blanket of ice, the squeaking of a forgotten machinery in the night. A contemplative and quiet threatening balloon ride over a future Russia, or the soundtrack to an imaginary Tarkovskij movie.

Listen to the record in headphones, with the lights off, when you’re just about to sleep. Chances are that you wake up on the moon, surrounded by dog people.

Sjtjekn is at least one member of Testbild!