The Luckiest Citizen Of All – Once, he was…

BEN-CD-011_hiBEN-CD-011 – May 22, 2007
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1. Intro / 2. Pulsus / 3. Steve, Do The Right Thing / 4. Air Hiking / 5. Solar Park / 6. Summing Up / 7. Homecoming / 8. Sweep / 9. …And Clarke / 10. At That Time In Vienna / 11. Everyday World / 12. Sound Aquarium / 13. Budding / 14. Fructified / 15. Local Color / 16. Leisurely Pace / 17. Frolic Hour / 18. The Itch / 19. Speed Bump / 20. Waterworn Pebbles / 21. Fly Ball / 22. Girl In The Middle Of Time / 23. Recoup / 24. Perpetual Stream / 25. Toodles

All songs by Stefan Wesley

Written, performed and produced by The Luckiest Citizen Of All

Sleeve design by Stefan Wesley

Accordions, distorted banjos, oboes and beatboxes are just some of the instruments that fit perfectly in the world of The Luckiest Citizen Of All. Styles and instruments are mixed together into 25 instrumental trifles and smaller masterpieces. If you liked Spencer Hill, you will love The Luckiest Citizen Of All!
The Luckiest Citizen Of All is the sequel to Spencer Hill, the man who pressed Record before he wrote the song. The idea was to start a band, but so far Stefan Wesley is the only member, and the recording process is still the same: No songs are written in advance, everything is improvised during the recording process. The reason to Spencer Hills short come back last year, releasing a four track E.P. just to say goodbye, was that a few songs didn’t fit the new album. They were too regular, too much Spencer.

To make “Once, he was…” even more enjoyable, it is divided into four parts, reminding of a double LP.