Oh la la! – Oh la la! presents UrbAnna

BEN-CD-010_hiBEN-CD-010 – June 5, 2007
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1. Downtown Utopia / 2. Working For Peanuts / 3. Stop Messin’ With Me Baby / 4. Radio Lies / 5. Nobody’s Business / 6. Fishy / 7. April Angel / 8. Lack Of Light / 9. Hate The Blues (Got It All The Time) / 10. Kongo Avenue / 11. No Smiling, No More / 12. Going Home

Music and lyrics by Oh la la!

Performed and produced by Oh la la! (Staffan Cederborg & Per Seigerlund)
with guests:
Annamaria Bauer vocals
Jonas Granberg alto, tenor and soprano saxophones
Mikael Westberg congas and bongo drums
Ulf Kahl double bass on “April Angel”
Torsten Kvarnsmyr trumpets

Sleeve design by Magnus Häglund

It’s this strong feeling of moving slowly on noisy streets, pushing your way through fuzzy groups of faces, while music’s pouring out of every door, and every corner holds a promise. A thousand tunes are hidden in there, like tears in your throat, like crying under water. Everything’s so familiar and yet not. You’re looking for something. In every alley, there’s a rhythm, a horny rumble that drives you further on, deeper into this dark engine. Some stages are hot, some cool, some shiver and strike. And you seek even the spaces between them, because it’s got to be there somewhere. Your sticky body makes another turn, and another. This desire hurts. But at last the starry night beams down a feeling of comfort to your heart, your eyes get tired, you exhale, because now you’re there. The sun is soon arising, as it constantly is, but there’s still time, there’s still time. The door is open and you walk in.

If their first album, “Oh la la! presents ConRita” (BEN-CD-002) was summer yellow, this is more blue and gloomy. Oh la la! sits in the front seats with vocalist Annamaria Bauer and musicians Jonas Granberg, Torsten Kvarnsmyr and Mikael Westberg in the back on this journey through a fictitious city on a rainy night that never seems to end, and anything can happen. Ulf Kahl (Biljardakademien) guests on double bass on one track, and the beautiful sleeve is designed by Magnus Häglund.